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Fading From Memory: Abandoned Buildings and Spaces in Britain and Ireland

New book Abandoned buildings and spaces create a special atmosphere. Some are crumbling relics, ready to be demolished; others are preserved monuments to yesteryear, capturing the best of human innovation in science and design. Each is a ruined beauty. From Roman remains to the engineering ingenuity of Brunel (both father and son) to unkept gardens and urban graffiti, this book captures 111 inspiring images, showcasing the depth of detail that is possible with black and white photography. The book is available from Amazon . The images are accompanied by text discussing the historical or societal context, as well as an appreciation of the photographic image. The text and photographs come from Tim Sandle, a science writer and journalist.

Microbiology books by Tim Sandle

Tim Sandle Dr. Sandle has written over six hundred book chapters, peer reviewed papers and technical articles relating to microbiology. In addition, Dr. Sandle has written several books. Dr. Sandle has also delivered papers to over fifty international conferences and he is an active journalist.   Microbiology books by Tim Sandle Aseptic and Sterile Processing: Control, Compliance and Future Trends Here is the most important text discussing aseptic and sterile manufacturing to be published in the last decade that looks at both today and tomorrow in regard to these two vital processing procedures. The Editors realized that there was an urgent imperative for the relevant subjects to be reassessed and represented. To achieve this objective, along with many subject matter experts, they produced a book that is foremost practical. It has been designed for those involved with aseptic and sterile processing to tak

Publications by Tim Sandle

Publications by Tim Sandle This page lists all of Tim Sandle's major publications. Publications by Tim Sandle by Tim Sandle on Scribd

Other books by Tim Sandle

Other books by Tim Sandle Tall Tales and Cathode Ray Tubes Absurd and surreal tales, prose poems and poetry: a reflection of modern urban living from a phantasmagoric perspective. Available as an e-book at: Amazon U.S. Amazon U.K. Polls Apart? Flexible working in the European Pharmaceutical Sector This book looks at both flexible working and how time is managed within organisations. The cross-national comparative examination takes into account the perspectives of management, trade unions, and staff members. The book examines current practices and provides the basis for policy formulation. Available as an e-book at: Amazon U.S. Amazon U.K.