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Publications by Tim Sandle

Publications by Tim Sandle This page lists all of Tim Sandle's major publications. Publications by Tim Sandle by Tim Sandle on Scribd

Who is Tim Sandle?

Dr. Tim Sandle is an experienced microbiologist, quality professional, auditor and technical writer. Tim has an in-depth experience of writing and publishing across a variety of scientific and educational fields. Tim can provide an independent and scientifically based service for the following areas: Consultations relating to pharmaceutical processing, risk assessment, contamination control, and microbiological tests. Areas of expertise include sterility testing, environmental monitoring, LAL testing, bioburden, water testing, antibiotic assays, infection control and microbial identification. Auditing (to GMP and ISO 9001) Training Presentations Technical advice Rapid methods Validation protocols Writing articles: magazine, newspaper, consumer education, health journalism Newsletters, e-newsletters White papers (monographs, special reports) Educational manuals E-books Web page content Blog writing Journalism Journal publications Proof reading For details, co